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The most important trait of the BTS suite of products is that they are internally and externally connected. All our systems are seamlessly integrated to avoid any unnecessary data entry and ‘information bottlenecks’. The BTS suite is also built on XML standards to ensure that existing EDI facilities can be easily scalable in the future.

iBMS – intelligent Bunker Management System

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The marine fuel supply business is hugely complex and requires a high level of interaction among many parties in the supply chain. Operational demands have never been greater as staff have to grapple with increasing price volatility, variable fuel quality, new customers and supply locations, ever changing counter-party risk, sophisticated contract structures, fixed price forward arrangements, complex regulatory climate, ISM safety regulations, and management reporting.

iBMS helps to increase the efficiency and profitability of bunker suppliers, traders and brokers by optimizing their business processes through better inter-department communication, automated workflow and access to information. iBMS is an end-to-end solution for bunker suppliers, traders and brokers that takes a sales enquiry from quote through confirmation, scheduling, contract management, inventory management, delivery, invoicing and management reporting.

iBMS – The only bunker management system that meets the needs of bunker suppliers and traders

Sales Module

  • History of quotes
  • Automatically create ‘black & white’ quotations
  • Automatically create RFQ when purchasing cargoes
  • Comprehensive sales order details
  • Vessel history
  • Customer creditworthiness history
  • Credit limit alerts
  • Sales inventory tracking

Purchase Module

  • Purchasing details
  • Approved list of cargo providers
  • Loading details
  • Automatically create purchase order/purchase confirmation
  • Nomination and loading
  • Purchase inventory tracking

Operation Module

  • ETA history
  • Vessel scheduling
  • Agent conversation log
  • Tank details (ROB) physical stock
  • Barge to barge transfer

Management Module

  • Deal/Enquiry management
  • Auto compute profitability per deal
  • Credit limit management
  • Agent commission
  • Realtime profit and loss visibility by grade and customer

Prices Module

  • Price calculations (FIFO, weighted average)
  • Price charts

iFMS – intelligent Financial Management System

BTS iFMS incorporates standards for quality practices such as one time date entry, costing and profitability tracking, multi-currency enabled, support for multi-branch or multi-company operations, web-link ready and integration to other communities. Other than providing the usual features such as general ledger, accounts receivable, payable, cashbook and bank reconciliation it also includes unique features specific to the bunker supply chain as follows :

  • Built around Bunker Delivery Receipt
  • A simple integrated operational system consisting of Requisition, Purchase Order and Invoice modules
  • Comprehensive set of reports for management and operational staff (eg Exposure Report, AR/AP Contra Report, Credit Performance Report, Cash Flow Report)
  • Electronic reconciliation with bank statements

iPMS – intelligent Personnel Management System

In order to meet the unique requirements of having staff based onshore and offshore, BTS iPMS offers the following features:

  • Multilevel password protection
  • Track personnel information including start and termination dates as well as salary reviews, annual leave and sick leave
  • Tracks and automatically calculates statutory requirements such as CPF contributions, Donations and SDF
  • Calculates earnings, deductions and liabilities for all payroll frequencies
  • Performs salary pro-ration
  • Auto compute for no pay leave
  • Generate vacation, sick, bonus or commission pay with or without generating regular pay
  • Support multiple bank accounts
  • Ability to process advance payments
  • Calculates next period figures while allowing current period to remain open
  • Instant on-screen display of YTD and MTD employee earnings and deductions
  • Head-count of employees in the company and also in the various departments
  • Ability to input IR8A initial balance or overwrite
  • Maintaining leave for all employees
  • Support pay slip printing
  • Numerous Reports


  • The integrated concept of the BTS suite of IT solutions will help its customers achieve:
  • Centralized system for business activities
  • Contract management and Operations tracking for a reliable delivery
  • Efficient claims management for delivery analysis
  • Inventory management with various methods of evaluation weighted average costs
  • Extensive operational, managerial and financial reports for decision support
  • Reduced cycle time/optimized scheduling performance due to increased connectivity with supply chain
  • Lower sales cycle cost by reducing or eliminating:

> Re-keying
> Errors
> Communication ‘bottlenecks’



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